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Welcome to Holiday Pill Akihabara Kanda

Holiday Pill Akihabara Kanda is one of the few English-speaking clinics in Japan.

We have earned a reputation for high quality service from people throughout Japan who are unable to visit medical facilities due to the lack of English-speaking healthcare providers.
The clinic focuses on providing support and expertise, primarily from its physicians, to its patients.

At Holiday Pill Akihabara Kanda, we provide patient-centered services, that is, medical care that respects and responds to the preferences, needs, and values of our patients. We recognize the important role that health care providers play.

Director / Physician
Yuki Kakehashi


Graduated from Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine in 2014
2014 Worked at Yokohama City Municipal Hospital
August 2021 Appointed Director of Takeshi Internal Medicine Akihabara Kanda 

・Member of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
・Member of the Japanese Society of Clinical Hair Growth
・Certified mammography reader, by the Japan Central Organization on Quality Assurance of Breast Cencer Screening
・Japan Medical Association Certified Industrial Physician

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✓ Easy to apply for, smooth Telemedicine
✓ Pick up pills by Delivery or at clinic
✓ When you come directly, walk-in consultaiton is available without reservation.
✓ Available in English

Take Clinic Akihabara Kanda
TEL: 03-5296-8181
Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku KandaSudacho2-6-10 2F
Director Doctor: Yuki Kakehashi

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