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✓ Birth Control is available for 2,500 JPY 〜
✓ Easy to apply for, smooth Telemedicine
✓ Pick up pills by Delivery or at clinic
✓ If you come directly, walk-in consultaiton is available without reservation.
✓ Available in English

You can get a Birth Control Pill.
To apply for a online consultation, contact us on our LINE below button.

Also,If you come to our clinic directly in Akihabara, Tokyo,
you can take a consulation without an appointment.

The Waiting time is about 5 min. and after consultation, you can get pills immediately.
*Business hours only, Check the schedule please.
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What is the Birth Controll Pill

The Birth Control Pill (Oral Contraceptive pill or Low-Dose Pill) is a medication containing female hormones such as follicular and progestin.
When taken under the direction of a doctor, the pill can have a variety of effects.

Main use of the Pill

✓High contraceptive efficacy (>99%).
✓Can improve menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual irritability.
✓Improve irregular menstrual periods.
✓Can regulate the timing of menstruation.
✓Improvement of rough skin can be expected.
✓Prevention of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer.

Side Effect of the Birth Controll Pill

The first 1-3 months after starting oral medication is a period when side effects such as headache, nausea, lethargy, small amounts of irregular bleeding, breast tenderness and lower abdominal pain are more likely to occur.
However, these symptoms usually improve with continued oral treatment.
The most important side effect to watch out for is thrombosis (a disease in which blood clots in the blood vessels).
The risk of thrombosis is said to be slightly increased by taking Birth Control pills.

Those who cannot prescribe

From the point of view of the risk of side effects, We can not prescribe the Birth Control Pill.

・40 years and over.
・aged 35 over with smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day.
・Pregnant or lactating mothers
・Have migraine headaches.
・BMI of 30 or more

For those who fall under the above categories, we can prescribe a mini-pill (Noriday, Celazetta) with less risk of side effects.
*1 sheet is 3,300 yen 〜 (tax included)
*Except for pregnant women
Please let us know if you would like a prescription.

Price of Birth Control Pill

Birth Control Pill 1 Sheet: 2,500JPY
◆Initial consultation fee: 1,000JPY
*Initial fees cost only the first time.

In our clinic, we have several types of the pills.

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Feature of Holiday-Pill

Quick Service saves your time

Simple and smooth Online service through in English.
Skilled staff and doctors provide speedy service.

Delivery is available and Longer reception hours

We can also provide pills by delivery if you wish.

Reception hours are longer into the evening, for your convenience.

Clinic schedule

【Open Hours】
* From October, the closed days will be changed from October.
  Please check the picture of carender below as well. 

◆Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu : 7:00 – 16:00
(Break time: 14:00 – 15:00)
Last reception time for online:15:30 – 16:00
Last reception time for visit:15:45

◆Sun, Holiday : 9:00 – 21:00
(Break time: 14:00 – 15:00)
Last reception time for online: 20:30 – 21:00
Last reception time for visit: 20:45

ーWe are regularly closed on Fri, Sat.

Flow of our clinic

1. Apply from LINE

Apply from LINE.

Please fill out the web medical questionnaire.

Available 24 hours.

2. Phone Consultation

Medical examination by the phone.

If you have any concerns, please ask our doctor at that time.

3. Recieve the Pills by direct pick-up or delivery.

Two ways to get your medicine are available. You can choose to pick up in-person or wait at home for delivery.

In delivery case, we can same-day shipping. Check with our counselors for delivery schedule.

In pick up case, recieve pills at the clinic, a 5-minute walk from Akihabara and Kanda stations.

Post Area

Basically, we can delivery to your door.

Next-day delivery is available to most areas in Japan. Please check also the map.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need an insurance card? Will there be a record of its use?
A.As the treatment is self-funded, there is no need to present it.

Q.How likely is Birth Control pills to provide contraception?
A.When taken properly, once a day, it has a greater than 99% chance of being effective.

Q.How long after I start taking the Birth Control pill does it take to become effective?
A.Basically, the contraceptive effect can be expected from seven days after you start taking the pills. Until then, other contraceptive methods must be taken in combination.

Q.Is it possible to pick up the medication on the same day?
A.Yes, it is possible to receive the medication on the same day, although you need to come and pick it up in person at the operating clinic (5 minutes walk from Akihabara/Kanda Station, Tokyo) . When sending by post, same-day delivery is possible if you can consult ,before weekday:15:30, weekend:16:30 but please check the schedule.

Q.Is there a specified delivery area?
A. Basically, we can deliver throughout Japan (delivery from Tokyo).

Q.When and how do I make payment?
A.Payment is made at the time of prescription when you visit the clinic. Cash, credit card, ID and QUICPay payments are accepted. Credit card payment is available for delivery.

How can we help you?

Director / Physician
Yuki Kakehashi


Graduated from Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine in 2014
2014 Worked at Yokohama City Municipal Hospital
August 2021 Appointed Director of Takeshi Internal Medicine Akihabara Kanda 

・Member of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
・Member of the Japanese Society of Clinical Hair Growth
・Certified mammography reader by the Japan Central Organization on Quality Assurance of Breast Cencer Screening
・Japan Medical Association Certified Industrial Physician

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