How to deal with insomnia

Maintain regular sleeping and waking hours

Sleep-wake is regulated by the body clock. Please note that staying up late on weekends, oversleeping on weekends and holidays, and napping too much can disrupt the body’s internal clock.
It is important to get into the habit of getting up and going to bed at the same time regardless of weekdays or weekends.

You don’t care how much sleep you get.

Sleeping time varies from person to person.
Do not set a goal.
If you cannot sleep, get out of bed as much as you can.
If you stay in bed worrying about not being able to sleep, you will feel anxious and nervous, and your eyes will become increasingly dim.

Bask in the sun

Strong light, such as sunlight, has the ability to regulate the body’s internal clock.
Early morning exposure to light helps us fall asleep earlier at night and wake up earlier in the morning.
If you are exposed to too much strong light at night, your body clock will be delayed and you will have a hard time getting up early.

Exercise moderately

 Moderate physical exertion produces pleasant sleep.
It is better to exercise in the afternoon than in the morning, and to exercise only to the point of breaking a light sweat.
Intense exercise is counterproductive because it excites the sympathetic nervous system and makes it rather difficult to fall asleep.
Rather than intensive exercise for a short period of time, it is more effective to persevere in aerobic exercise that is not too strenuous.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia Fear

When days go by without sleep, one becomes anxious that “I won’t be able to sleep again tonight,” and the more impatiently one tries to “get to sleep,” the more one’s eyes glaze over.
This is an anxiety commonly experienced by insomniacs.
As the insomnia continues, just going to bed makes you nervous, and nighttime becomes depressing.
In fact, it has been found that “forcing yourself to stay in bed when you can’t sleep” worsens insomnia. It is important to set aside a restful time in bed within the limits of common sense, to get out of bed if you cannot sleep, and to stay as active as possible during the day regardless of your sleep status the previous day.

Not hesitant to rely on medication

Insomnia is largely treated at clinic.
The important thing is not to dwell on your inability to sleep. Worrying itself not only worsens insomnia, but also has a negative impact on your mind (e.g., depression) and body (e.g., stress-related diseases).

Are sleeping pills a scary drug?

The answer is “NO! The current treatment for insomnia is mainly pharmacotherapy using sleeping pills.
If taken correctly, there is no need to be overly concerned.
Recently, sleeping pills have been developed that are less likely to cause dependence or cognitive dysfunction.

Recently, over-the-counter sleeping pills are available at drugstores. These drugs are intended for short-term use only, taking advantage of the side effects of allergy medications.
Since their effectiveness in treating insomnia has not been verified, insomniacs should not use these over-the-counter sleeping pills on a long-term basis.

medications prescribed by medical institutions, including our clinic, are more effective.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need an insurance card? Will there be a record of its use?
A.As the treatment is self-funded, there is no need to present it.

Q.Is it possible to pick up the medication on the same day?
A.Yes, it is possible to receive the medication on the same day, although you need to come and pick it up in person at the operating clinic (5 minutes walk from Akihabara/Kanda Station, Tokyo) . When sending by post, same-day delivery is possible if you can consult ,before weekday:15:30, weekend:16:30 but please check the schedule.

Q.Is there a specified delivery area?
A. Basically, we can deliver throughout Japan (delivery from Tokyo).

Q.When and how do I make payment?
A.Payment is made at the time of prescription when you visit the clinic. Cash, credit card, ID and QUICPay payments are accepted. Credit card payment is available for delivery.

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